Episode 007 – Kahwa Kansengerwa

Join me for a trip to the (wonderfully soundproofed) radio studio of KRC 102 FM for a conversation with Kahwa Kansengerwa! I’ve spoken before about the expeditious rate of development and widespread fondness for modernization found around Fort Portal — Kahwa is an exception to the rule. A self-proclaimed “traditionalist,” he’s spent the past several years using the insights provided by his education in Philosophy to preserve and revitalize the beautiful practices of his culture. Half of this episode is him schooling me on the rich practices and underlying meanings quickly slipping out from beneath the feet of the Toro Kingdom, while the other half is us getting in deep about the idolization of tradition and social function of cultural practice.

Many thanks to Kahwa for taking the time to sit down with me, as well as the Kabarole Research and Resource Center for inviting me into their studio!


Some beautiful flowers from the compound of Kyakatara Primary School.


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