Episode 004 – 17 Nonclusions From 17 Days In The US, Pt. 1

Sheesh, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Hope you’re well!

On my end, I recently made it back from spending the holidays back in the US. Doing so neatly cut off the first 1/3rd of my fellowship from the remaining 2/3rds, and it only seemed right to put out some kind of post summing things up thus far.

So I decided to try something a little different – A solo podcast AKA Zach tries to get over the initial trepidation of feeling like a big ol’ looney speaking to no one in my room for two hours! I was back in the states for 17 days total, so I’ve summed up the big things I’ve thought about for the last four months into 17 major points. They’re kind of like conclusions, but far from truly conclusive — hence, “Nonclusions.” Gosh I’m clever.

This episode covers the first 9 of the 17 points, another episode is due out in a few days to wrap up the remaining 10 through 17. Special bonus – I cut in clips of the ambient sounds from my front porch to use as transitions. It’s like you’re literally in Uganda.

— Episode Notes —

1. It’s impossible to paint the picture of life here for my friends and family in America.

2. The Western taboo against eating goat is only hurting ourselves.

Triplepundit.com – Goat: The Other (Sustainable) Red Meat

3. Efforts in personal development or wellbeing need a structure to grow from.

Matt Cutts – Try Something New for 30 Days

Tim Ferris – Interview with David Blaine

Cracked.com – 5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Life (Without Knowing It)

4. The US Federal Reserve has a really hard job and is doing great at it.

Charles Wheelan – Naked Money

5. The Western dialog around fitness obscures the fact that all your body does is adapt.

Rwenzori Escarpment View Hike

6. The Western dialog around nutrition obscures the fact that we eat food for 3 reasons.

Healthline – Why “Calories in, Calories Out” Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

Healthline – How to Eat Low-Carb as a Vegetarian or Vegan

7. A problem shared is a problem solved.

Robert Putnam – Bowling Alone

NYT – The Evangelical Scion Who Stopped Believing (I didn’t mention this in the episode but it’s about a guy who led a secular community organization I was in at USC that meant a lot to me and is all about the importance of loving relationships)

8. Meditation is a very reasonable solution to an absurd problem.

Hardcore History – Logical Insanity

9. White supremacy is alive and well, it just doesn’t always look like white dudes in polos.

Tangentially Speaking – Ep. 264 with Kabui (Sparkroot Farm)


My cousins’ cat Munchkin, accurately depicting how it felt to sleep in my own bed again.

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